The Mickey Magone Fund

This fund named in memory of a student of Saint John Bosco, provides need-based tuition assistance to Don Bosco Prep students from working and middle-class families. These students are boys like Mickey Magone who thrive and mature as a result of the Salesian education offered at Don Bosco. The families of these students sacrifice a great deal, but they still need assistance to fund the gap between what they can afford to contribute to Don Bosco and the amount Don Bosco needs to provide their boys with a Salesian education. The Mickey Magone Fund is designed exclusively to produce the tuition assistance these families need. A committee chaired by the Salesian Director/President of Don Bosco Prep determines the allocation of financial assistance to students.

Mickey Magone

Mickey Magone (1845–1859) was a student at the school of Don Bosco. Don Bosco had a chance encounter with him at a train station, where Mickey was engaged in lively games with other boys. Don Bosco recognized the potential in the boy and invited him to come to his school. Mickey was not much of a student but was attracted to the school because of the games, the numerous sports, musical and theatre activities outside the classroom, at which Mickey excelled. He loved the playground, but the school’s program and its family environment had a great influence on Mickey. He made exceptional improvements in behavior, character, and spirituality. He died unexpectedly of a gastric hemorrhage at fourteen years of age. Don Bosco wrote about his life and presented it to his students and educators as a model of an ordinary boy who responded well to a Salesian education.

The Playground

St. John Bosco wanted all his works to be four things:

  1. A home that welcomes
  2. A school that prepares for life
  3. A church that evangelizes
  4. A playground where friends can meet and enjoy themelves

The playground is that venue where the young engage in activities of play and leisure, having great fun and developing new talents. The playground is that venue where a sense of belonging grows, through membership in a club, on a team or in an organization. The playground is that venue where the young build relationships of friendship, cooperation and solidarity, learning that they do not stand alone in life. The playground is an essential element of a Salesian education.

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